Do you recognize the 7 early warning signs of a shady online retailer?


Hey it's me, Erin.
I don't usually like to throw shade, but felt it was necessary to address something...


There are literally TONS of places you can buy your leggings and athletic gear from. So why buy from Glitteractive? Before starting this business I've scoured the internet and noticed some things. I call them the 7 warning signs:

1. Do you have to submit a support ticket to ask a question or get a refund? If so, chances are the retailer is based in some faraway land. They don't care about your satisfaction and good luck getting your money back if there's a problem. If you ever have an issue with one of our products and send us an email, it'll be responded to promptly by either myself or one of my assistants (cough, cough, children).

2. Amazon. Don't get me wrong. There are great deals on the biggest website in the world. But, that comes with a warning. Many Amazon resellers don't care about repeat business. They care about pushing as many units as possible and then moving on to the next hot new product. Glitteractive is more than an online boutique. We're building a tribe! A girl gang full of badass women with a thirst for living life to the fullest! And we want you to be a part of it, more than we care about a quick buck.

3. Does it take 2-3 weeks to get your items? Many retail shops are doing drop shipping. Great for them but not so much for you. This means that they act as the intermediary for the supplier. They take your order and pass on the information to a supplier, usually overseas. Many times they've never touched or felt the products they are sending to you. So there's no real guarantee of the quality. How do I know if I want to sell a pair of leggings in my shop? I WEAR AND WASH them! It's important for me to be a part of the process because I want to feel confident that I'm giving you the best. 

4. The price is too good to be true. Mama always said you get what you pay for. And she was right. We like to run sales and promotions, but if you see $2 leggings, RUN!

5. Do they ask for your input? Once again, Glitteractive is a community, not just a brand. If there's something you want to see, let me know! I will scour the earth to find it for you.

6. Are there photos of "real" people in their products? Raise your hand if you've been had by an overseas retailer? I have. You pay the money and what you receive looks nothing like the picture and bonus, it's sized to fit a four-year-old! Yes, sizing may differ from brand to brand, but Glitteractive doesn't aspire to be a one and done retailer. As much as possible, we post customer and brand ambassador photos so you know our clothing is made for real women, not toddlers.

7. Can you see the founder or her team anywhere on the website?Glitteractive isn't owned by some megacorp that owns 20 different companies and just changes their website name when they get a bad reputation. (Trust me, these companies exist!)  Hey, I don't love making Facebook live videos with my frizzy hair and the occasional hormonal breakout. I realize I'm not built like a fitness model. But I am a real woman, mom and business owner. It's important to me that my customers see that.

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