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For Curvy Girls...

Posted on January 09 2017

January means the start of the new year and with that comes RESOLUTIONS! And fortunately for you, I'm not talking about weight loss and diet resolutions. (Although that is on my mind as well) For me, making it work at Glitteractive, it means service and value for all my customers. You've been asking and I've been listening. I'm talking about Curvy Girl Sizing.

I have an issue with the word "plus". I realize that it's the industry's jargon for any woman that doesn't fit what it calls "standard sizing" but it's always bothered me. It denotes separation or worse, an aberration from the "norm". Actually, there are more women in sizes above 12 than 0-4 COMBINED. So what exactly is the norm? 

I'll tell you what the norm is and should be. Women of all sizes seeking a more active lifestyle and looking for fashionable and comfortable clothing to fit that lifestyle. And many women, because of the vast complexity and diversity of body sizes and shapes, you may fit into both "standard" and "plus" sizing. I am one of those women.

So, for this reason, I introduced "curvy girl sizing". It is early and we are adding more and more additions every month. It is no easy task, finding clothing that meets the Fun. Fit. Fierce. adage but in bigger sizing. I've found many styles to be drab and boring. It seems the industry thinks that bigger girls want to fade into the background. Not a GLITTERACTIVE girl! She wants to be seen. She's a cardinal in a field of sparrows. So watch this space, because more is coming.

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