Get that look: Alias Collection

Sitting at the crossroads of style and function, this year's Alias Collection is a must have. With luxurious fabrics that are designed to move with your body, these pieces are meant for women who want to look good while they work out. The collection includes a full length legging and matching bra. This season's release highlights a signature neutral animal print. Get ready for an elevated workout experience with Alias by Glitteractive.

Find your favorite new sweat disciple. Let's get you started. Sleek yet comfortable, high-waisted coverage that won't cut off circulation - even when you're up on your toes in downward dog. Not only function but fashion, these Alias leggings by Glitteractive are like wearing yoga pants to an event (that is also a workout) ... stop giving me the side eye and get them now!

!2. Discuss what makes this collection so special
3. Highlight some of the most popular pieces from the collection
4. Include a photo gallery showcasing all of the different styles and colors available for purchase
5. Offer readers an exclusive discount code to get 20% off their next order with The Alias Collection
6. Provide social media links to connect with them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

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