My Dream House

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Last week I got the desire to start looking for our next home. You see, a few friends of ours just moved into a brand new home. Although we were dead set on staying put, I couldn't help searching to see what was out there.

There almost is no "perfect" home unless it's custom built. There will always be modifications, colors, changes that you need to put into place to make it feel like "home".

Fast forward to me calling up a friend in real estate and telling her about a home I would like to take a look at. It's an older home which is no bother to me because I appreciate mature trees and neighborhoods with deep roots to brand spanking new developments.

It was situated at the top of a hill. Having a view is a prerequisite of mine. It has a pool. That's a plus. The big draw for me, the house was on an acre of land and I've always wanted to expand my garden. I want a garden big enough to feed not only my family, but others as well.

When we went to look at the home, it was beautiful on the outside. Although the yard was neglected, it had tons of potential. Inside, there were issues. It would be a lot of money to spend on a house that has no many problems, and honestly isn't ideal for a family.

Also, I knew my husband would hate the house. Nothing moves forward without our minds agreeing.

So in turn, I've decided that my dream house is the one I already reside in. If you've ever seen my videos, you've seen our recent master bath renovation and how it rivals that of 5 star hotels. But you've probably never seen our giant Marlin, that my husband caught 10 years ago that hangs proudly on the wall in our living room. I'm looking into planting some edible perennials in our front and backyard that are both beautiful and functional. And fingers crossed, maybe I can get a beehive without him noticing. Where would we be without bees?

Meandering points aside, home is where the heart is. Sometimes it's time to upgrade. Sometimes it's time to downsize. If we focus on making it warm and comfortable and beautiful in the meantime, we are operating in a good place.

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