Prime Day vs. Black Friday: Which is Better for Activewear Deals?

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prime day vs. black friday

Which is better for your wallet: Prime Day or Black Friday?

What's the best time of year to buy new activewear? You might be surprised!

We all know that Black Friday and Prime Day are two of our favorite holidays, but did you also realize they have something in common- a love for deals. But what makes one better than another when shopping on these days can depend entirely upon your needs as an individual shopper or whether this will serve as a gift idea too. 

Why Prime day is one of the best times to buy workout gear

Prime Day is the annual event where Amazon members can enjoy exclusive deals and discounts on a range of products. This year, it will take place from July 12th-13th! If you're an avid shopper who belongs to this membership already then make sure not to miss out as there might be some great offers available just for your needs in terms of activewear or gear - let alone anything else they offer which could save money in other areas too.

Fashion isn't always easy to fuel our desires but when we find something worth holding onto after all these years...well maybe my love affair had better start here.

Prime Day is a holiday created by Amazon exclusively for Amazon Prime customers. If you have Amazon Prime, you get access to a range of deals and discounts on different products. This year, it will take place from July 12-13. So if you're looking to buy some new workout gear, this is the event for you.

Believe it or not, you don't have to be an Amazon Prime subscriber to get the best deals. Glitteractive isn't a retailer on Amazon (yet) but we still offer out-of-this-world deals during this special time.

So if you're looking for the best deals on premium activewear, Glitteractive should be your go-to destination. We'll have deals on all your favorite items, from leggings to sports bras. And if you sign up for our email list or text messages, you'll be the first to know about our exclusive deals. So don't wait - sign up today and get ready to shop!

The best Black Friday deals for fitness lovers

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. It falls on the day after Thanksgiving in the US. This year, Black Friday will take place on November 25th. While it's not exclusively an event for buying activewear, many retailers do offer great deals on workout gear during this time. So if you're willing to brave the crowds, you could snag some great deals on premium activewear from a variety of retailers.

The legendary Black Friday was created by retailers as a way to get people back into stores after thanksgiving. The name "Black Friday" comes from the fact that it's day when they finally start turning their first profit, or going into the black. After the roller coaster ride we've had in the past 2+ years with the pandemic, small businesses like Glitteractive are relieved to see our loyal customers returning.

So why is black Friday such a big deal? Well, for one you can get exclusive discounts and special gifts just for shopping early. But is it all worth the hype? Waking up early to be at the mall never sounded like a good time. But if you love a good deal, Black Friday is the perfect time for you to shop.


If you're looking for the best deals on premium activewear, Black Friday is the day to shop. You'll be able to find great discounts at a variety of retailers, both in-store and online. So set your alarm, grab a coffee, and get ready to score some amazing deals on workout gear!

Or better yet, shop online with Glitteractive. Black Friday is often when we add special new inventory as we prepare for the styles of the New Year. We often have special gifts with purchase as well. You'll want to check back often as we'll be adding new deals throughout the day. So whether you're shopping for yourself or looking for a gift, make sure to check out Glitteractive on Black Friday! We'll have everything you need to get a head start on your fitness goals for the New Year.

So which is better - Prime Day or Black Friday? It depends on if you want to shop now for deals or if you're willing to wait till Black Friday. Glitteractive will have exclusive deals and discounts on all your favorite items, so be sure to check us out! Whatever your shopping plans are, we hope you have a great time and find everything you're looking for. Happy shopping!

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