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About us

About Us

This is more than just fitness. This is about a lifestyle.

The Glitteractive woman understands that gym time doesn’t have to be boring. She squeezes every ounce into her workout and gives 100%. She knows that giving her all in the gym, on the trail or on the bike means that she can have a little more fun on the weekend with the satisfaction that she put her time in. She wants to stand out, for her energy, as well as her style.

She also knows that comfortable activewear shouldn’t be confined to the gym. She can be stylish running errands or picking up the kids from school. She leads a busy life, but one with meaning and mindfulness. She needs clothing that matches her personality because we don’t always have time for heels.

The Glitteractive woman is just as comfortable in a new boot camp, a luxurious resort pool in a far away destination, or a secluded beach. She is open to new things, new experiences and opportunities to laugh and to love. She doesn’t try to keep up with the crowd, her biggest competition is herself. Her goal is to be better than yesterday. When she has put forth the effort, she deserves to show off her gains with a flirty and sexy flair.

Strong is the new skinny. Live life to the fullest. Give 100%. Get Glitteractive.


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