I tried BARRE for the second time. 

And guess what? I loved it!

Barre - a deceptively simple workout.


After lots of HIIT training I felt I needed a change. Barre is great for low impact training. It's easy on the joints and not heavy on the cardio. Started by a former ballerina, you may recognize elements of ballet in this style of workout. It is a great balance of low weight and/or body weight and high repetition. In other words, you will get the shakes.

Although barre has been around for quite some time, chances are you may not have tried it yet. A simple internet search will put you in touch with a gym near your. Or you can find free videos on YouTube. No major equipment required!

Find out more about the Barre workout here.




And here's a few beauty tips from real life ballerina Isabella Bolston, principal dancer of the American Ballet.

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