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Fresh New Drops BARREBABE engraved Chain Necklace $39.00 Buy Now Pilates Life Cap Sleeve Tank $25.00 Buy Now Women's Crop Top $26.00 Buy Now Seven Chakras Cork Mat $60.00 Buy Now Wonder Sports Bra $38.00 Buy Now Wonder Legging $48.00 Buy Now You deserve something new. Get $10 off Now $10 off any purchase of $60 or more. Offer expires 3/14/2020.

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I'm always amazed and a little impressed at what people are searching for. Instead of scrolling our site for what you're looking for, you can always use the handy dandy Search Feature at the top of the screen. This week it was "mermaid" and "stripper pole". Albeit I understand the mermaid fascination. Remember we sold the mermaid fanny packs out last spring, but I can say with confidence we probably wont be selling stripper poles on the site anytime soon. But you know one product that's worth the search? The Layla tee. This super soft tee is marked down to $12. Only a few are...

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This is not a drill. Dear Reader, I hope this email finds you well. I know you enjoy these weekly (or so) emails just as much as I do. But let's be real, life sometimes gets in the way. Every once in a while I offer these amazing specials in order to clear out inventory, mainly so I can add new items. See, I'm just as much of a shopaholic as anyone else. But occasionally folks don't get my emails in time for the offer and end up with a big fat case of FOMO. I'm offering you 50% off...

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It was Ghandi who so aptly states "be the change you wish to see in the world".  And while here at Glitteractive we aren't exactly doing life-changing work as the great teachers of the world have done, we strive...

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