I am Spartan! A Recap

You are stronger than you know.

I did it. The Spartan Sprint was my first OCR (Obstacle Course Race) and I think I'm hooked!

I didn't train until 2 weeks before, other than my usual gym routine. Having friends who've done it before helps, as they can offer tips and insights as to what to expect.

As in most challenges in life, 80% of the difficulty is mental/psychological. If one has the attitude to keep going, no matter what, even if that means crawling at a snail's pace, (as it was in my case) completing the race is achievable. 

The sense of accomplishment and receiving high fives and a medal for doing something I never thought possible is amazing. The Sprint is approximately 5 miles and 20-25 obstacles. I've never run more than a mile before and that was because I was forced to for a grade. But for all the non-runners, the running is broken up enough to not notice. This particular race was on a beautiful spacious ranch, which gave the mind and eyes the opportunity to wander.

I'm already looking into the 2017 race dates. If one completes The Sprint, The Super and the Beast within one year, you earn the Trifecta medal. I'm not sure if I'll make it that far next year but I definitely want to try the Sprint again and beat my finishing time.

If you are interested in learning more and possibly competing visit www.spartan.com There is even a kids' version of the race so you can make it a family affair!

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