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I failed! Kinda!

Posted on July 19 2018

I completed the 15 day fermentation challenge, sort of. I say I failed because I trailed off at the end. 

I did not lose weight. In fact due to increased fiber, I GAINED weight at first. But that resolved itself so I had a net gain/loss of 0 lbs.

My skin actually got WORSE! Breakout city. I like to this it is because of detox and it'll get better after some time.

I did experience good sleep while on the challenge. And for me, that was worth it. Good restorative sleep is the pinnacle of good health. Getting good sleep was essential to emotional and mental health during that time as well. That's a win!

All and all I will continue to get them into my diet, especially now that I make my own sauerkraut. We all know it's great on a hot dog, but it's also good on top of a salad, or a burger, or just as a tangy side dish. I've been reading some books on fermented foods and how to make them. So I believe I will incorporate more in the future. Next thing for me to try DIY: kombucha. 

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