4 ways to get over a hump and exercise

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4 ways to get over the hump and exercise

Getting over a hump and exercising can sometimes be difficult. This is especially true when it comes to the dreaded exercise routine on Monday morning. If you don't feel like it, just get out there anyway. You'll have fun and before long, the hard work will start to pay off.

Here are 4 tips that will help you get back into an exercise routine: 

1) Give yourself time - plan ahead by scheduling your workout in advance. Schedule your workouts for the day ahead so you can hit them at a set time. If there is no room in your busy schedule, plan to make some extra space by doing it first thing in the morning or before bed when you're winding down from work and stressors of daily life!

2) Keep it simple - set small goals at first and work your way up. When you're starting out, fitness goals can seem intimidating. But setting realistic and manageable small-goal targets is a good place to start - it will help keep things from feeling too overwhelming! One of my favorite things about achieving fitness goals is that you are able see tangible progress in your body (especially if you're not used to working out). It may feel weird but progress photos go a long way!

3) Find what works for you- there's no one size fits all approach so experiment with different types of workouts until you find something that feels right. We all have different workout preferences. It's important to find an activity that makes your body feel good and is enjoyable, so experiment until you find one!

4) Reward yourself- once you've reached a goal give yourself some kind of treat or reward to encourage yourself to keep going! When you reach a goal, do something nice for yourself! 

Yes, it’s not easy to get back into working out. But with these 4 tips and focusing on your end result (a happy healthy body and better mood), you can restart your journey! What's your favorite exercise? Comment below so I know what exercises are most popular among our readers :)

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