7 Reasons to Try Pilates

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7 reasons to try pilates

As a Pilates enthusiast I admit that I was overwhelmed in my first reformer class. What is a reformer and what will it do to me and for me? Pilates may seem intimidating at first glance but it’s not as hard as you think once you get the hang of it. You can take classes or just do some basic exercises in the comfort of your own home – whatever suits best for you!


But there are so many benefits.

1. Pilates is a great way to tone your muscles and increase flexibility.

It's an excellent workout for those who want to build up their core strength, work on balance and challenge themselves with new moves! 

2. It can help you feel more confident in your body.

It's no secret that with better tone and a tighter core, your clothes will begin to fit better. Improved balance and flexibility also makes you feel stronger and more confident. 

3. You'll learn how to breathe better, which will make you happier.

One of the first things you learn with Pilates is proper breathing techniques. These impact your muscles in different ways. For example, breathing in exerts different energy than breathing out. And proper breathing techniques leads to clearer thoughts and a positive outlook.

4. Your posture will improve with regular practice.

One of my favorite benefits of Pilates is that I see myself slouching less. This is especially important during the work from home era due to COVID 19. Proper posture impacts all your organs from the draining of toxins in your lymphatic system, to your digestive system.

5. Pilates helps relieve stress and anxiety by releasing tension from the mind and body.

Need I say more?

6. A lot of people find it easier than other workouts because they don't need any equipment or special clothing- just a mat!

This is true of mat Pilates, which is just as effective as the fancy reformer Pilates. I also like it because I have previous knee injuries from the HIIT training phase of my younger years.

7. And finally, Pilates has been shown to reduce back pain.

I have always had chronic back pain. One of the few non medicated ways of dealing with it has been my obsession with Pilates. 

In conclusion, with all these benefits, why not give Pilates a try?

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