5 Years of Glitteractive: How We Got Our Start and Where We're Headed

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We're celebrating 5 years of Glitteractive and we couldn't be more grateful to all the women who have supported us over the past half decade. We started this company because we wanted to create a community where women could feel comfortable and excited about fitness. Our mission is "to empower every woman with an opportunity for movement, self-expression, and happiness." It starts with the question "What can you do today that will make you feel happy?"
Celebrating our 5th year!

Glitteractive was started in October of 2016 by our founder, Erin, who simply wanted to look good wherever the day took her. "Growing up I wanted to be a fashion designer. And later a stylist." As a stay-at-home mom, it became clear that function was just as important as style. "Basic activewear wasn't gonna cut it. And I didn't have the opportunities to 'dress up' like I did when I was working outside of the home."

Glitteractive was created so that women can look and feel amazing! "You are working so hard on your body, eating the right things, avoiding the bad. It just doesn't make sense not to show it off" Glitteractive is for that kind of woman. "Our customers like compliments! And aren't afraid of a little good attention!" Glitteractive is the perfect way to show off your hard work without breaking the bank or trusting your information to some company overseas. With a variety of colors and styles, it's easy for any woman who loves themselves just enough!

The future of Glitteractive is bright! In the coming years, we will see an expansion with more items and new partnerships. "I have always envisioned GLITTERACTIVE as MORE than a clothing line," says Erin who has had experience in retail and journalism - she sees exciting things on her horizon for this brand that was originally started out just to avoid basic leggings. 
In its current form it already provides opportunity but there are also plans to publish digital mags or work together between food service providers like restaurants/coffee shops etc., which would be perfect additions into everyday life when traveling abroad. 

In the more immediate future, Glitteractive will be expanding its reach and available in small boutiques as well on other online platforms. We also have a few surprises up our sleeves that we can't wait to share with you!

How can you help Glitteractive? We are ALL about empowering women at every touch point. If you have a business, a cause, a blog or something to cheer about, we want to hear it. We want to promote issues that are important to you. If you have a favorite yoga studio that would love to carry our products, let us know so we can get in touch. If there's something you want us to start carrying or a style you've been looking for, we want to hear that too!

The past 5 years have been a wild ride, and we’ve loved every minute of it. We want to thank you for your support. With that said, we are excited about what is coming next. And while change can be scary, know we will continue to provide personalized service and products at competitive prices with a focus on quality from start to finish. If you need anything or if there’s something specific you would like us to promote please don't hesitate to email us at service@glitteractive.com.

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