Workouts for Women in Their 30's

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Workouts for women in their 30's


Do you ever feel like your body is changing and it's time to update your workout routine? I'm not talking about a fad or something that will last for just a few weeks. I'm talking about committing to working out consistently, so the new you can be happy and healthy! As women in our 30's, we are still young enough to try some new things. We want an active lifestyle but don't want to sacrifice our feminine curves. You need workouts that are going to make you strong. It can be hard for us because we're often juggling work with kids and all those other responsibilities life throws at us these days. The good news is there are great fitness routines out there for busy moms and dynamic women who have no time for crazy workouts.

Celebrate your 30th year with these fun and exciting workouts!
Maintain that youthful glow by incorporating some exercise into the mix. Here are some great routines for you:

Yoga. We all know yoga as a restorative process but it builds strength like crazy. Regular practice will tone every muscle in the body while increasing flexibility, strength, balance & coordination

Cardio Step Aerobic Music Videos. (YouTube has tons!) I know I know, sounds like Jane Fonda but if music is something you love, why not use it to stay healthy? Getting your heartrate up on a regular basic helps regulate everything from your appetite to your sleep.

Jogging on Low Traffic Roads. There's very few workouts better than a good run. There's a reason most people jog in nature, and it isn't just because they're trying to get from point A to B faster! Taking time for yourself outside of work or social pressures can really help your mental health too - if you need any more convincing take into account that running has been shown over studies by scientists around the world as having an immense positive effect on stress levels among other things.

Bike riding around town. Ditch the stationary for once and get outside. Biking IRL is an excellent way to get fit as well as fuel a sense of adventure. Biking around town is a great way to get some fresh air and see your surroundings. It's also an excellent workout, which can be fun for both exercise fans as well as those looking to explore new areas!

What to eat before and after workouts:

Follow these two simple rules to get the most out of your workouts.

In the morning Drink 8-12 glasses water.

An hour before working out eat 25 grams/kg body weight protein + 50g carbs (usually 20 minutes prior.)

Post workout - same thing but switch up with some fruit or vegetables.

When we were in our teens and 20's, we stayed active as just a part of life. Now into our 30's and beyond, we are building a foundation for how we want life to be lived well into our older years. Weight loss may not be the destination, but overall health, strength and flexibility are definitely at the top of the list.

Your body is a beautiful machine that will grow stronger with time if you take care of it now. What can you do today to help create the foundation for living well into old age? Here are some ideas to get started on building strength and flexibility, two key components of lifelong fitness.  If this sounds like something you want advice on or need guidance on how to start implementing these principles in your own life, let us know! We would love to partner with you as we work together toward creating an active lifestyle that creates health and wellness far beyond what might be expected at 30 years old or older. How have you made changes over the past year towards improving your overall health?

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