Kentucky Derby!

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First time trying mint juleps? This is fine.

We had a pretty epic Kentucky Derby Party here in sunny California. I've always gravitated towards the derby, the pageantry, the fashion and elegance. But this is my actual first time watching. It was also my first time trying a mint julep. Needless to say, there was no Cinco De Mayo celebrating. I was recovering from standing in the sun and drinking bourbon mixed with sugar syrup and loosing money.


If you watched the race, or maybe saw the headline on the news, you saw that this Kentucky Derby (the 145th) was fraught with controversy. The declared winner (and arguably the best horse on the field) was disqualified for straying into other horses lanes. All I can saw is thank goodness that's the only consequence. It could've been tragic if they had crashed into each other.


Take your chance.

For Country House, (the declared winner) this was probably the best outcome possible.  Some argue that Country House didn't have a chance and wouldn't have won if it weren't for the DQ. They were the long shot. Sometimes we get lucky in life, but we also create our own luck by being in the room. Country House was qualified to be there.

Here's your chance to get lucky. I'm having a FLASH SALE on the Phuket Legging. There are only a few sizes in stock, so act quickly. 


p.s. This is the jockey silk for Country House.

Inspiration? Yeah or nay?


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