Thanks a bunch!


Since our 2020 email we've received lots of kind words and great feedback. Owning and running a small business can be scary. It's been a wonderful past 3 years and I've decided to continue the legacy of Glitteractive. One of my biggest realizations over the last few months following the death of my father, and only a few months later, his sister who happened to be an identical twin, is that there is only one YOU. You don't have to copy others to make a big impact. Every person has a purpose. Things that seem small to the rest of the world are huge to someone else.

With that being said, I plan on going a bit against the grain, leaving a smaller social media footprint, but catering to your individual needs more. I am preparing for a MASSIVE sale. This will be re balancing the inventory so that I can make room for more things you love. In order to pull this off I'm going to need your help. When you see a post or email from Glitteractive regarding the sale, PLEASE share! Instagram ads and posts on Facebook only do so much. It's people power that truly makes a difference.

What item(s) would you like to see on sale?

With gratitude,


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