Fitness Unchained: a Review

Last week I mentioned in the newsletter that I need a little something to amp up my workout. I still enjoy Zumba but I also have been doing a few rounds of Les Mills R.I.P.P.E.D. and BodyCombat a few times a week. I like group exercise. The community keeps me engaged and focused. I do way more with a group than I would ever do on my own.

But lately, I've been disappointed in the R.I.P.P.E.D. routine. I think after 30 odd seasons, they are running out of ideas. The moves are getting more and more complicated, with little benefit. I find myself spending so much time trying to stay on the beat, that I'm not getting the technique right and therefore, not getting the full workout.

I was invited my Nicole Maurer to check out her boot camp that she runs with her partner, Brian Kolo. Kolo is a personal trainer and ex-Marine who is passionate about his craft and currently has over 25 personal training clients. Nicole teaches at my local gym as well as helps runs the boot camps. She's also a new mama!

Fitness Unchained is exactly what I need to get myself out of my rut and chase the boredom away. Less reliant on gimmicks, it's success lies in the simplicity of it all. Functional training using body weight and simply lifting, pushing and pulling heavy things gave me a workout that was challenging and satisfying.

How does it work? Fitness Unchained currently operates 3 days a week camps. Some are evenings and a Saturday morning which I attended. They partner you up with another member, so you're never stuck alone. Each day may be a little different, but my Saturday morning included a warm up exercise and starting out at one of 8 stations. Each station lasts for 7 minutes. Then you move on.Yes, I became a clock watcher because there were a few times I thought I was going to DIE!

It was fun! Tire flips (I did this one with my partner. The tire is 180 lbs.), agility training, ab work, pushing and pulling a 70+ lbs. sled up and down the length of the yard are just a few of the things we completed during our cycle.And lots and lots of burpees. Good thing, I've learned to love them.

For such a workout, it's way affordable compared to what you'd get in most gyms. Add to the fact that most gyms do not have this kind of equipment at their disposal makes it an even better deal. Currently, they are offering 10 sessions for only $40. That's less than $5 a workout, which lasts about 120 minutes.

They are also family friendly, provided your child can safely play without entering the exercise area. If I had known, I would have brought Nigel! If you live or are visiting the east county, you should check them out. 

Fitness Unchained

Contact Brian or Nicole (760) 889-3050

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